Your carpeting can look brand new.

If you want top-notch commercial carpet cleaning, you want Effective Facility Services.

There are many Calgary carpet cleaning companies that provide varying services, but with us, you can expect consistently excellent results with every job we perform.

We specialize in keeping carpets clean throughout major Calgary regions by using the latest in advanced cleaning technology.

No matter what type of carpeting your commercial property has, we have a way to clean it at an affordable price.

We offer.

Steam cleaning and extraction methods

Dry method/dry chemical CO2 shampoos

Carpet bonnet pad cleaning

Carpet pre-spotting


Carpet guard and soil retardant applications

Anti-static treatment

Fast drying times

Preventative maintenance tips.

The use of mats or runners at all business entrances and on un-carpeted areas adjacent to carpet will reduce soil and moisture in traffic areas. Clean mats and any other rugs placed over carpeting regularly.

Use furniture coasters to distribute the weight of heavy items, especially for furniture with wheels. Take care when moving furniture with wheels by putting a protective barrier between the wheels and the carpet.

Close drapes or blinds during hours of direct sunlight.

Exercise extreme caution with all bleaches, tile cleaners, mildew removers, oven cleaners, drain openers, and plant food. These are generally strong chemicals that can permanently discolor or dissolve carpet fibers.

Stain removal tips.

Effective Facility Services carpet cleaning technicians suggest that treatment of the affected area should begin as soon as the stain is discovered.

The more time that elapses before treatment, the more difficult a stain will be to remove.

Remove any debris within the stain, including food debris.

Always work from the outer edge of the stain towards the center to avoid spreading.

Blot the area instead of rubbing or scrubbing – rubbing or scrubbing may cause the fibers to fray,  permanently damaging your carpet.

For any stain removal, use a white cloth or paper towel for cleanup.

Apply a mild detergent, such as a clear, non-bleach laundry detergent – do not use cloudy detergents as they can leave a sticky residue.

Use only one quarter teaspoon of detergent for every 32 ounces of water.

Follow detergent cleaning with clear water rinsing and then blot dry as much as possible.