About Our Company

A degree of satisfaction not found with anyone else

Effective Facility Services Inc. is an established privately-owned business that provides all facility services and embraces all types of commercial and industrial businesses.

Where we've come from

5, to over 110 employees, in 5 years.

Effective Facility Services is a relatively young company that is progressively growing in the maintenance business.

Although it is still a young company, it was started with substantial experience in the cleaning and facility maintenance business.

It is through the guidance and direction of management that propels the business image to new heights.

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Exceptional Service

We provide exceptional service to all kinds of clients, including; restaurants, office buildings, factories and hotels.

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Our company remains family-owned and operated in all aspects of the business including sales and management.

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Built on Relationships

The close relationships we maintain with clients and staff drive us to provide exceptional service.